Science + Protocols + Networks = The Perfect Success Equation for Medical-Dental Referral Networks!

Every physician, every healthcare professional, has a trusted referral network. MDReferrals asks – “Are you in any?”

MDReferrals invites you to discover the key strategies, techniques and science that will help you capture the physician referral market in your community.

MDReferrals is a one-lf-a-kind program to help dentists and their dental teams to differentiate themselves in their healthcare community.

Without any real background or training in marketing or positioning strategies, and without the proper tools and strategies, many dentists try a home-made and go-it-alone approach with physicians – which at best usually sputters and often leaves them feeling worn-out and frustrated.

With MDReferrals you can save thousands of dollars and months of time in doing the research, copywriting, and innovative product creation required to prepare the science bibliography, newsletters, patient reports and letters, PowerPoint in-service presentations, referral systems - and on and on … .  MDReferrals provides quick, customized and professional tools and resources to help you build professional referral relationships - so that you won’t have to!

The good news is that the emerging science is on your side, and so is MDReferrals. The winds of change are blowing and bring with them a new standard-of-care. Because periodontal disease is a medical problem with a dental solution, physicians and dentists must work together!

Four Rules for Developing Professional Referral Networks:

  1. Speak their language
  2. Know how to approach them
  3. Solve problems
  4. Play in their playground

MDReferrals tools and resources can be used in a stand-alone way, or used best when combined with MyDentalETC utility software to help manage the day-to-day and patient-to-patient affairs of interdisciplinary patient care and in building strong professional referral networks.

Building trust and rapport are essential elements for getting invited into professional referral networks. How will you get invited into physician referral networks?

What others are saying about MDReferrals...

Quite likely the future will show our profession that the impact of the Oral-Systemic Connection will be the most significant of those events (cosmetics, implantology, and neuromuscular dentistry) we’ve recently experienced.  The work that Lee Ostler has accomplished is a remarkable labor! The Physician’s Marketing Handbook assists the dentist in beginning to build a bridge between the dental office and the medical office.Omer Reed DDS

It is truly refreshing when once every decade or so a new idea is born that promises to revolutionize our profession. Since the uniqueness of being a cosmetic dentist has faded ("everybody’s a cosmetic dentist!"), it has many wondering what’s next that can set them apart in a world of sameness. The convergence of important trends being forced upon us is creating a new era in dentistry that will forever and permanently change our practices. "Dr. Lee Ostler has captured the essence of the next major paradigm shift in dentistry with his work on how to market the Oral-Systemic Connection to patients and physicians. The Physicians Marketing Handbook is simply a MUST READ for any dentist serious about learning how to work with and approach medical doctors, and in increasing practice profits by treating the Oral-Systemic Connection.Bill Blatchford DDS

In our effort to help improve the awareness of the Oral/Systemic connection, we have been looking for the right tools. The PREP program is exactly that tool! The reference book is very well laid out and is a complete resource for physicians to be able to readily access the latest information on periodontal health and its relationship to the rest of the body.

Mark Duncan DDS

The new My Dental ETC Protocol and Risk Management Software will revolutionize treatment planning and create consistency between dentists, hygienists and others on the dental team. Dr. Ostler has spent years researching the medical-dental connection and overall health risks and has combined that knowledge with new software that makes consistent treatment planning a breeze. Patients receive a "health report" that is unique to them, and you get clinical protocols and treatment plan guidelines that YOU’VE pre-set in the system. The best news - - it’s simple and easy to implement!

Vicki McManus RDH

There is no doubt that Dr Ostler’s materials including his irreplaceable plethora of handbook, texts, videos, physician and dentist guides, fulfill a much needed and essential role in dentistry today in helping dentists achieve a two–way referral system between the dentist and physician. Dr. Ostler’s referral materials are highly and unreservedly recommended to every medical doctor and dentist. The information found in these resource materials are an incredible eye opener to important diagnostic and treatment protocols, and are useful in building and nurturing professional referral networks. It is my sincere pleasure and honor to endorse Dr Ostler’s excellent Handbook and accompaniments that will bring dentist and physician into an ideal and essential referral relationship for the Oral-Systemic connection, TMD, and Sleep Medicine.

Norman R Thomas DDS

The MDReferrals program for working with physicians using the PREP marketing approach has increased our physician referrals significantly and improved our professional relationships. The MDReferrals program is simply the finest system available for approaching physicians and getting referrals.

Michael L. Gelb DDS, MS